GUCCI increases online marketing activities

GUCCI annouced this week the launching of a social networking microsite aimed at consumers 18 to 25 year old. invites youngsters from all over the world to post their photos and visualize themselves in a 3D format wearing various sunglasses. Users will also be able to switch among cities such as London, Milan, Tokyo, Paris, New York or Berlin to see what their friends in each place are doing and they can share their Gucci photo galleries on Facebook and Twitter. Gucci is the latest in a series of luxury brands to embrace the internet in order to reach larger audiences. BURBERRY launches next month a social networking website which invites user to post photos of themselves wearing the famous Burberry trench. DOLCE GABBANA uses its online magazine Swide to streamline their collections and feature images of their design studio.

By embracing online communications, luxury brands are able to communicate not only with existing customers but also with customers which cannot afford their products, thus making a major shift from their past image which centered around a celebrity. Also, the internet advertising costs are much lower than print media, allowing brands to run comprehensive strategies.