GUCCI inaugural event in Romania, a true ”wedding affair”

For the inaugural event of its flagship boutique in Bucharest, which will take place this evening at the Athenee Palace Hilton, Gucci have oddly agreed to its local franchisee (run by the daughter of the major shareholder) setting up the main ballroom of the hotel in a typical wedding setting, with white ribbonned chairs and a menu to match the occasion. Guests were welcomed at the boutique which is located on the groundfloor of the hotel and through an improvised red carpet shown into the ballroom, not to mention the plastic gold coloured stage… One’s sight could not have overlooked the overweight bodyguards in their branded blue t-shirts (security company brand, not Gucci) which the local franchisee also uses as door guards during regular opening hours, wearing the same ”uniform”. All in all, it was rather tacky event which would have probably been managed differently if the brand would have chosen to operate directly its store or with a luxury retail experienced franchisee.