GUCCI fights crisis with more subdued design

In a recent press conference in Paris, Robert Polet, CEO of GUCCI Group said that the GUCCI label responds to consumer demand during crisis with less ostentatious, fewer logos and a more subdued design. Polet insists the days of logomania and flashy designs are gone, as fashion consumers are focusing more sharply on quality for a good price, seeking strong brands that project “lasting value,” and will “take their time” to make a decision compared to earlier years. He added The new GUCCI bags Pelham and Jackie do not scream Gucci, yet the shape is instantly recognizable as Gucci. GUCCI and smaller brand BOTTEGA VENETA are driving sales for the entire Gucci Group, most of the other brands registering declining sales.
The return to the brand heritage seems to be the winning product development strategy during the current crisis, many top international brands having adopted this path.