Gucci CEO: “The relaunch has only just began”

Gucci had a good start of the year with first-quarter sales rising by 3.1%, to 894.2 million euros. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri told Il Sole 24: “I am satisfied. In this difficult period of the luxury sector, as a whole, we performed better than many competitors. We have been gaining market share.”
In the interview, Bizzari does not hide his optimism, but stresses that the revolution created with the creative director Alessandro Michele has yet to bear its fruits: “The relaunch has just began: first, because it is only recently that the collections of Alexander arrived in stores. Second, it takes time until consumers perceive and appreciate the positioning change. “
Enthusiasm and team work are recurring words in the interview to the newspaper. “In the last five years Gucci had lost market share and one of the priorities is to recover it. But I also concentrated on restoring enthusiasm of all those who work in the company, at all levels. Gucci has nearly 11,000 employees: with all the self-esteem that I can have, I would never think of being smarter than all of them. “
Bizzari explains that in addition to the opposite stylistic revolution carried out by the creative director Alessandro Michele, the management of Gucci is very busy on the production side: the first step, reshape “the supply chain of leather goods. Then there is still room for improvement in time-to-market. ” The restyling of the stores “the first results are excellent. I observe customers, listening to the sales staff. I sense a new energy and that’s what we needed. “

Marco Bizzari CEO Gucci