Gucci and Versace warn of the identity crisis of ‘Made in Italy’

At the debut of Milan Fashion Week, luxury Italian houses of Gucci and Versace are signalling the crisis of identity which Made in Italy is facing, deploring the ignorance of Italian authorities for the fashion industry. In an interview to MF Fashion, Patrizio di Marco, CEO of Gucci said ”For us, Made in Italy is not just a slogan or a label, it is everything that is at the core of an Italian product and we would not give this up for any cheaper suppliers, as it is impossible to manufacture this quality elsewhere”. He also added ”We have to unite all being Made in Italy. If the Government is not doing anything, we have to take over ourselves”

Donatella Versace has also come out this week with virulent remarks on the same lines as Gucci’s Di Marco. In interviews to local media, Donatela Versace said ” The (Italian) Government must understand that the Milan Fashion Week is vital to the whole country.”, adding that ”for me, Made in Italy is culture, creativity, craftsmanship, science and aesthetics. This is a patrimony of the country and should be nourished and supported”. Asked about her solutions, Donatella Versace insisted that all luxury Italian brands should be more united and that the younger generation needs to be encouraged. ”The Milan Fashion Week needs to change. We have to bring in a new energy and all protagonists should concur”

Donatella Versace, Versace Group