Gucci and Burberry top annual ranking of brands leading the digital market in fashion

Research firm L2 has released its annual list of brands leading the digital market in fashion and this year’s list differs from the one of 2015.

Burberry has always lead the fashion pack being one of the first luxury houses to foray in e-commerce and consumer engagement. However, this year, Burberry  has come out second to Gucci.

With the benchmark for digital performance sitting at 85 for luxury brands, Burberry and Gucci are well ahead of the game with scores of 144 and 145, respectively.

The 2016 round up also marks the first time Gucci has earned a place in L2′s top five – this year joined by Burberry, Coach, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch.

When conducting its research, L2 takes into account a label’s e-commerce, search visibility, social media interaction and mobile aptitude.

According to the research company, Gucci’s success this year can be credited to the brand’s innovative content integration features and their visibility on third party sites like Net-a-Porter.

Additionally, Gucci’s social media engagement doubled over the past 12 months with the introduction of celebrity-endorsed social media initiatives as well as artist collaborations and behind-the-scenes content via Snapchat and Instagram.

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