GREECE’s financial crisis can turn into a trap for tourists visiting the country

Santorini Island, Greece

In what seems to be a never-ending financial crisis, Greece’s ecconomy is being stretched to the limits and its tourism industry hasn’t been avoided. While protesters in the capital of Athens are staging open and transparent protests, Greek tourism companies are protesting by hitting directly at travellers. This ”silent protest” can have far more griveous effects on Greece’s economy on the long term, especially considering its dependancy on tourism.

With the summer season coming up and a more calm situation in Athens, with less strikes and closures, foreign travellers have been returning to Greece, especially Americans, Germans, French and even Asians. Prices of internal flights and ferries interconnecting the islands are at record highs, yet this is understandable given the higher prices of fuels. Food prices have also been making dining out more expensive and more and more travellers cut on…

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