Global ranking of the most loved luxury brands

NetBase’s global ranking of the most loved brands according to positive social mentions shows consumers’ inclinations toward technology, entertainment and e-commerce companies, the three categories that dominated the top 10. While luxury labels typically have a smaller client population than mass brands, a number of powerhouses managed to elicit passionate posts from aspirational and existing customers.

“The luxury brands performed better than in 2015 as exemplified by Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Gucci,” said Paige Leidig, CMO of NetBase.

“Similar to 2015 and as seen in 2016, the technology related brands performed the best – on both overall mentions and the intensity of these mentions with respect to their audience loving them,” he said.

The NetBase Passion Report: Top 100 Global Brand Love List ranks brands based on the amount of love expressed for them by consumers in 200 countries on social media, including blogs, microblogs, forums and news sites.

Of the top 100 most loved brands, only four are traditional hard luxury brands. However, all four have moved up in the rankings.

Louis Vuitton gained the most, moving up from 71 in 2015 to come in at 30 with 1.13 million mentions of love, while Chanel follows close behind at 32. Gucci is 39th on the list with Dior placing 58th.

The luxury conversation occurring across social media channels has increased by 75 per cent year-over-year, according to a report by NetBase released earlier this year.

Louis Vuitton fans point to an authentic experience most frequently, while Chanel received a number of mentions of its “incredible show.”

“This finding reveals that while a larger amount of conversations on social are about the love of Louis Vuitton, the conversations that mention Chanel are filled with a higher passion intensity,” Mr. Leidig said.

“Perhaps a smaller amount of fans voice their love for Chanel on social, but are intensely loyal, outspoken brand advocates, whereas lots of fans (super fans, sometime fans, fair weather fans) of Louis Vuitton mention the brand,” he said. “It’s not really an either-or; a brand wants and needs both types of fans to purchase products and encourage others to do so.”

Among auto brands, considered a separate category for the purpose of the report, BMW leads for luxury makers, at 24. Mercedes ranks 31st, while Ferrari places 43rd. Other luxury automakers to make the cut are Porsche at 52 and Lexus at 68.

The only luxury retailer to make it into the top 100 was Nordstrom

Louis Vuitton SS 2016 ad campaign