Giorgio ARMANI ridicules PRADA

Following his catwalk show on Monday, during a press briefing Italian designer Giorgio Armani has made an unprecedented defiance against PRADA, pointing out that fashion has become a circus controlled by the banks. He emphasized that PRADA has had to resort to an IPO in order to pay off its huge debts to the Italian banks, which had been controlling indirectly the business strategy of the Italian house. Mr Armani insisted that he has always remained independent and he will remain so.  

”I do not need Thai investors at my door to tell me what to do” said Mr Armani and he added ”There are many ways to make money these days and the Stock Exchange is one of the means. I do not care to have Thai managers in front of me to do business with them. I have always been independent and will remain so, otherwise, I would feel like I have given up becoming a loser”. ”I am on my own and I depend solely on my creativity and the creativity of my collaborators”.

Speaking about the state of fashion in general, Mr Armani said ”I take a walk sometimes to see the windows of other stores and wonder who are the people who could wear those outfits…My client is not a fashion victim…and still love eccentricity, but a credible one, without descending into vulgarity”. concluded Mr Armani