Gianfranco Ferré retrospective exhibition to open in Tuscany next February

Celebrated Italian couturier Gianfranco Ferré who died in 2007 will be honored with an exhibition at the Textile Museum’(Museo del Tessuto) in Prato – Tuscany, entitled The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferré

Set to open on February 1, 2014, The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferré  will explore the universe behind Ferré’s history and creative process. Best known as “the architect of fashion” — Ferré graduated in Milan with a thesis about “Methodology of the Approach to Composition” tutored by iconic Milanese architect Franco Albini — he brought his architectural skills to his fashion creations in a way that appeared effortless.

The white shirt was his iconic piece and the starting point of all his fashion productions. It is hence fitting as the protagonist of the exhibition in Prato, organized by the museum in collaboration with the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation.

“The white blouse is never the same yet always unmistakable. It may be light and floaty, flawlessly severe (if the mannish cut remains), as sumptuously enveloping as a cloud, as skinny and snug as a bodysuit. Some parts, primarily collar and cuffs, can become emphatic; others expressly lose ‘force’ and may even disappear (back, shoulders, sleeves),explained Ferré on his notes about the white shirt,” explained Ferré in his notes about the white shirt.

“The blouse comes with precious lace and embroidery; turns sexy thanks to the use of sheer fabrics; acquires ultra importance with gorgeous ruffles and ruches. It billows delicately with every motion, almost free of gravity. It frames the face like a fabulous corolla. It sculpts the body in a slick second-skin mode. It is the eclectic interpreter of all types of materials: sheer organza, crisp taffeta, glossy satin. Duchesse, poplin, chiffon, georgette, too.”

The exhibition focuses on how the architect constructed the shirt, a constant reflection and reinterpretation of shapes across more than two decades (1982-2006). The first section of the show highlights the “behind the scenes” with sketches, notes, videos, technical drawings and macro images that prepare the visitor for the  “army” of shirts in the second section, which includes an “inside out” shirt and a silk bustier that stunningly opens like a flower.

“The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferré” will be on show at the Prato Textile Museum, February 1 – 15  June 2014.

Gianfranco Ferre, White Blouse exhibition, Prato Museum of Textile