Germany adds a record 34 new Michelin starred restaurants

Germany is enjoying a stellar year at Michelin, with the addition of a record 34 new starred restaurants in the 2015 edition. Germany’s star count has risen a dramatic 25 percent from five years ago, for a total of 282 starred dining destinations — the biggest growth in the guide’s 52-year history.

The three-star club remains unchanged at 11 — the second highest number in Europe, after France. Among the newly minted restaurants this year, six of them can thank triple Michelin-starred chef Harald Wohlfahrt of Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn-Tonbach, for having mentored their chefs. Wohlfahrt is the most starred chef in Germany.

Germany’s top Chef Harald Wohlfarht, of Der Traube Tonbach, Schwarzwaldstube