GEORGE V Four Seasons, the art of perfection in luxury hospitality

George V Four Seasons Paris

GEORGE V Four Seasons in Paris is one of the best hotels worlwide, reaching levels of perfection in services. The service is not only genuine, warm and friendly but also intuitive, staff anticipating your desires and wishes. Its unique location and immense heritage makes the George V one of the best hotels in the French capital as well as one of the best hotels worldwide.

The hotel fulfilled all my wishes with an incredible ease and pleasure, from buying icecream of a certain brand from outside the hotel, adding a large selection of organic foods to the minibar and making the bed even softer and fluffier. Although I first reluctant to try the SPA, I did try one of their treatments. Designed by the manager of the hotel together with the SPA specialists, the organic magnolia treatment is unique as it combines a variety of massage and relaxation techniques with aromatherapy.

The true reflection of my stay at the George V was yet to come, later that day. Upon checking in to my hotel London late evening, on the same day as my departure from Paris, I realized I missed George V, but I missed it like my ”second home”.

I looked around in my London hotel room and, although having the same type of classic furniture and antiques, nothing was the same. While unpacking I found a gift from the George V, which was a bottle of the home fragrance used throughout the hotel as well as a candle with the same scent. I sprayed my room and lit the candle and I could feel home again….

I believe this is the biggest achievement any hotelier would wish for, and that is to make guests feel truly at home. I am at a loss for words to describe the feeling.

Oliver Petcu