Gentle Monster opens new store in Singapore

Luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster has recently opened a new store in Singapore at ION Orchard. The theme that was picked for the interior design is Samsara, a documentary film on the unfathomable reaches of humanity’s spirituality and the human experience by american director Ron Fricke. It’s carried through across the premises, using the symbols the camelthe lion and the child, and all three captured in a series of intricately constructed, artsy installations. the eclectic palette of materials used contributes to an immersive wonderland experience Gentle Monster has become known for.

Upon entering the store, shoppers are greeted by the camel, an installation consisting of a futuristic spinning wheel replete with multiple threads and a camel-shaped prop which moves up and down. the second, darkened space, featuring the lion, has the feel of a clandestine peep show. a sculpture made of tresses of hair takes centre stage, surrounded by wall-mounted lion tails. the room aims to represent the ego in man’s second stage of thinking, and also as a portal to enlightenment. the visual climax undoubtedly is the final room, featuring a platoon of rotating dolls and a throne amidst a brightly lit setting adorned with faux arches.