GALERIA EMPORIUM in Ljubljana to open without major luxury brands

Developed by Slovene mass market retailer MAGISTRAT, the GALERIA EMPORIUM downtown shopping center is to open in September 2010 without any major international luxury brand. In spite of market rumours and PR generated by the company, the shopping center has failed to attract any major luxury brands. The only luxury brand confirmed so far is Roberto Cavalli, with a first line multibrand space.

Despite its exceptional location and beautiful classic architecture, Magistrat have not managed to present a viable and feasible project to luxury fashion and accessories, the biggest problem being the long time concept guarantee as well as the right mix.

The project will likely open with the same mix Magistrat has in its Galeria multibrand store within the City Park complex: KENZO, MARELLA, MAX MARA Weekend, PENNY BLACK, S. OLIVER, STEFANEL, WALLIS etc