”Front door exit from the crisis” – the main speakers’ panel topic at BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2010

CPP, organizer of BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2010 edition annouces the main topic of the speakers’ panel.

The main speakers’ panel will be moderated by Oliver Petcu, Managing Director CPP and Andreea Ionescu, Managing Partner of ConsultWare. The panel will be made up of all international luxury brands executives, many of them being unable to have an official speech due to their company policies, some of these companies having as official speakers the CEO and/or the Creative Director / Designer.

The main speakers’ panel will be organized during the BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM, on March 16th and will take place in the ‘’1880’’ Restaurant on the groundfloor of CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL. The panel will address the following issues and ideas:

- developing offers for a secondary target ready to interact aspirationally with luxury brands

- is there an exact timing for the exit from crisis

- the importance of innovation and heritage

- the importance of ‘’Made In’’

- the personal impact of the crisis on the speakers from the panel

- snobism versus the real pleasure in interacting with the luxury brand and the implications this has in the choice and service of the consumer clients

- the dangers posed by the diversification temptation

- the impact and importance of sexuality in designing global communication strategies

- opportunities generated and created by the crisis in each luxury industry sector

- the major changes in consumer profile by regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, South America, U.S.A, Europe and Asia


To register for BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM, access event web site or call Paul Magureanu on + 40 727 315 794