French exports of cosmetics grew by 4% in 2014

French exports of cosmetics continued to grow in 2014, with an increase of +4%, according to the French trade association for cosmetics and beauty products (FEBEA). With an overwhelmingly positive trade balance, the cosmetics industry is the second largest net exporter sector in France and the country remains the world’s largest exporter of cosmetic products.

With a trade surplus of around 8.9 billion euros, the cosmetics sector is now France’s second biggest net exporter behind aeronautics (23.6 billion), but ahead the food industry (6.5 billion), according to figures released by the French trade association for cosmetics and beauty products.

For many years, France has been the world’s largest exporter of cosmetic products. The country held 15.9% of the market in 2013, ahead of the United States (10.8%) and Germany (10.7%).

European Union remains the first destination (48.2%) of exports. After Europe, Asia is the second destination for French cosmetics, with 16.9% of exports. Shipments to this region recorded the strongest growth (+11.7% in 2014, compared to the previous year) with China leading the way (+16.5%).

Exports to the Middle East and to the United States also recorded significant increases: +7.1% and +7.6% respectively. Africa is growing slightly (+0.4%). By contrast, exports to Russia, Turkey and Latin America have decreased

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