Frederique Constant unveils first SmartWatch

By unveiling its first Swiss “Horological Smartwatch” (registered trademark), Frédérique Constant intends to highlight an object that draws on both traditional watchmaking and modernity. The first is expressed through an analogue watch display, which gives no hint of the technology it contains, while the second is conveyed through its functions, an app and a cloud, which are basic features for this kind of so-called smart device.

Besides the fact that its appearance firmly anchors this watch in the world of traditional watchmaking, its analogue display presents two advantages: low energy consumption (responsible for the battery life of 2 years) and the possibility of using the timepiece as an ordinary quartz watch without necessarily connecting it to an app via a smartphone. This means that if the electronic system becomes obsolete, the watch can still be worn—an approach that is quite the opposite of other companies who have made obsolescence the driving force of their success. The watch will be on sale from late May at a price of around 1,000 Swiss francs.

To develop the software platform for its first smartwatch, Frédérique Constant joined forces with the Californian firm Fullpower, which has formed a joint venture in Switzerland with Aletta and Peter Stas, called MMT. The aim of the endeavor is to share its MotionX-365® Horological Smartwatch open platform with as many manufacturers as possible—so as to have high enough production volumes to make the development costs bearable. Competitors’ interest in this platform could prove a determining factor in its ability to exist alongside the industry giants. In this respect, in San Francisco, Frédérique Constant has just announced that Mondaine is to be the very first client for its platform.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch