France’s jewelry-watch sector registers 4% decline in 2013

According to Comité Francéclat, France’s jewelry/watches sector registered a decline of 4% in 2013. Sales of jewelry/watches at downtown stores at department stores in major cities decreased by 5% and 4% respectively. Sales in larger surfaces saw a decline of 10%. Fashion jewelry (bijouteries fantaisie) was the only product category to grow in France in 2013 by 6% led by powerplayers Pandora and Swarovski.

Sales of fashion jewelry represented 10.5% of overall sales in 2013, at about 500 million euros. For the full year 2013, sales of gold jewelry fell by 7%, while gold jewelry of 375 thousandths rebounded by 27%. Sales of silver and gold plated jewelery totaled 15.5% of sales to € 800 million while watch sales amounted to EUR 1.4 billion or 26.5% of sales in the market. Manufacturing of watches and jewelry in France dropped by 7% in 2013, while exports increase by 8% and imports by 5%.

Pandora boutique, Paris