Four Seasons unveils innovative communications campaign

Four Seasons Hampshire

Top luxury hotels are developing revolutionary communications strategies sparked by the turbulent international market conditions, children being the latest focus of several top luxury hotels, led by Four Seasons Hotels. For the almost three years now, we at CPP have observed declining ratings of many Four Seasons properties worldwide, especially in locations where leading chain Mandarin Oriental has opened. Such cases where Four Seasons have lost top positions in key international destinations, are: New York, Tokyo, Prague, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. And it has taken us to review carefully not only indepedent travellers’ review site such as TripAdvisor but also the actual business performances of the hotels, i.e. falling occupancy rates and decreased rates.

However, recently, the launch of the FOUR SEASONS Magazine, the online portal of the hotel chain, has been scoring key innovative strategic positionings of hotels. The new magazine not only replaces the redundant in room glossy magazines with 80% of content in advertising pages, but has sensibly created a communications platform not only with exiting loyal guests but also guests of competing chains as well as ”aspirational” guests. Each issue has brought an improvement featuring unique packages and travel ideas for all types of guests, from leisure to corporate. The offers are complemented by well written editorial materials, which are very concise and easy to review and connect with online package booking options.

As early as last week, FOUR SEASONS has launched a new communications campaign providing package options, tips and ideas catered to kids, focusing on quality educational and recreational packages available at many Four Seasons hotels for children. It is needless to say that during any crisis periods, regardless of financial dificulties, upper and middle class consumers allocate unconditionally considerable yearly budgets to major events such as weddings and religious holidays. Another certain category which has always enjoyed highest possible budgets is that of children, parents making all efforts to provide them the best education, clothing, nutrition etc. These apsects are exactly at the center of the very sensible FOUR SEASONS campaign aimed at children. From the Four Seasons magazine:

One of the joys of travel is being able to immerse yourself in someplace different. With Europe’s distinctive history and culture, Four Seasons offers some exceptionally imaginative ways for its younger guests to get the most out of their European adventure.

Own a Pony for a Day
In England, every child’s dream can come true at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire—at least for a day. Guests ages 7 to 16 can “adopt” a pony from the Hotel’s on-site Equestrian Centre and learn hands-on all about caring for a horse. And of course, they get to go horseback riding with their four-legged friend. Country living at its best!
In Michelangelo’s Footsteps
In Italy, budding artists both young and old can “Be Michelangelo for a Day” at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. During art classes led by a professional painter within the Hotel’s lovely park, students will learn to use paints and brushes similar to those employed by one of Florence’s greatest artists.
Teenage Beauty Session
An 80-minute spa package at Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris gives teenage girls a chance to pamper themselves while learning about cosmetics and beauty. The makeup lesson and manicure workshop are fun and interactive—and what better place to be taught beauty tips than in one of the world’s premier fashion capitals?
The City of Golem
Teenage guests at Four Seasons Hotel Prague will quickly discover the city’s magic if they set off on Golem’s Wisdom Quiz, which will encourage them to explore Prague’s history. Their quest for answers includes boat rides along the Vltava River, paddle boating around the islands on the river, making puppets in a marionette maker’s atelier or designing their own creation in a local art studio

Gardens and Nature
Young guests in France at Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche may take special tours of the Resort’s beautifully landscaped gardens. Surrounded by heavenly hilltop vistas and the heady fragrance of thyme and lavender, they learn about some of the gardens’ 70 varieties of Provençal flowers and herbs

Secret Map for Young Explorers
A different sort of hotel adventure awaits guests 6 to 10 years old at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon in Portugal. Armed with a “Ritzie” hunting map, they get to explore many special places in this most elegant of hotels.

Kids Sports With an Irish Twist
Just ask the Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin for a fun pack. Besides a football, shin pads, Frisbee and skipping rope, it includes a stick and sliotar (a ball)—a great introduction for children to the traditional Irish game of hurling.
Science Fare
Science-loving kids staying at Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva should head for CERN—the European Organization for Nuclear Research—to visit “Microcosm,” an amazing interactive exhibit that explores the mysteries of the universe.

Teen Scene
Teenagers in England staying at Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf will love exploring East End London’s trendy markets. Old Spitalfields Market and, in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery, the Sunday UpMarket and the Backyard Market are not to be missed.