FOUR SEASONS re-launch website

With the occasion of its 50 year birthday, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts will re-launch its website by the end of the year. The new website will not only include technical enhancements to ease navigation and the process of reservations but will also feature a new visual identity, with a much more airy look and large photos on the background. Each hotel has commissioned new photos, which will be more lively, featuring models as guests with the aim of instilling a more real feeling to the photos.

Few hotels such as the Four Seasons Punta Mina Resort in Mexico already feature the new identity. The web page of the hotel is bright, airy with all the essential details elegantly positioned, from the reservations box to the current temperature at the respective hotel, Facebook and Twitter share as well as special offers. The new website will be fully re-launched by the end of this year.