FOUR SEASONS Park Lane in London to feature most advanced in-room technology

FOUR SEASONS London Park Lane, the longest serving Four Seasons hotel, is soon becoming the newest hotel of the leading international luxury chain. For the past two years the hotel has undergone a complete reconstruction, transforming the hotel into a reference of luxury hospitality worldwide. The hotel accepts reservations starting February 2011.

Technology was a major factor in the renovation, not just in terms of visible features, but in the way the building is functioning.  All rooms are equipped with proximity readers, ”knowing” when the guest is in the room. Once the guest leaves the room, it shuts off the TV and lights to open them once the guest is back to the room. The airconditioning is not shut down while the guest is not in the room but it adjusts to save energy.

The guestrooms also have multinational plugs for all appliances, and if a guest leaves the room while a phone or camera is charging, the room knows not to turn off electricity to that plug. All rooms have doorbells, yet, if  the ‘do-not-disturb is on, it won’t ring.