Four Seasons Damascus, a legendary hotel in a legendary city



Despite being the only luxury five star hotel in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Four Seasons has always exceeded its own limits. Recognizing since opening the customer service oriented nature of the Syrian nationals, the Four Seasons has been able to maintain a very high level of customer service and hospitality product offering.


Located in the heart of Damascus, the Four Seasons is within easy reach from the old city centre, the business and diplomatic districts, as well as from all major shopping outlets. The newly constructed building is recognized as an architectural landmark of the capital of Damascus, the high rise 18 floor building is surrounded by the city’s best kept parks.


The Four Seasons Damascus is like city within a city. The hotel offers top quality services for leisure and corporate travellers alike, and is also the favourite venue for the city’s top class events, from private affairs, to political gatherings and business conferences and meetings. Although the Balloran SPA at the Four Seasons is the only SPA in Damascus, there are several impressive old style hammams, many of them dating for hundreds of years.


Damascus is all about genuine culture, being an ideal blend of European and Middle Eastern features, in all aspects, from architecture to the appearance of its people, many of them looking strikingly Europena.


In spite of its, sometimes negative image internationally, mostly generated artificially by politics, Syria is one of the safest destinations in the entire Middle East, foreigners being warmly welcomed wherever they might choose to walk around and no matter at what time.


The hotel’s outstanding service compensates for the few inconveniences, mostly generated by the structure and architecture of the building itself. That is why, the SPA is very small and is only able to cater to a small percent of the hotel guests and is only able to accept a very limited traffic from outside guests. Although slow to European or American standards, the wireless internet is the best in Syria. It is widely available throughout most public venues as well as in all the rooms.


Local Syrian influences and ‘’touches’’ can be pleasantly discovered throughout the hotel, from architectural details, cuisine, SPA amenities as well as the beautiful flowers and plants in public areas, especially terraces and the pool.


Best time to travel for leisure is Spring and Autumn, with very comfortable temperature. Damascus is fairly well connected to all major European capital cities and through easy connections in Dubai and Doha to the United States and Asia.



 The hot ginger tea at the SPA is a bliss; the views from the high floors of the hotel (worth paying additional for an upgrade); excellent Italian cuisine at Il Circo Restaurant at the hotel; best open air terrace for sheesa (hubli bubli) in Damascus.


Mircea Filimon