Founder and owner of cosmetics group SISLEY, Countess D’Ornanon prides her Polish origins

Isabelle Ornano

Countess and Count D’Ornano come from great aristocratic families. Izabella D’Ornano has Poland’s Queen Barbara Radziwilliwna among her ancesters.

They were both born in Poland, but war sent their families abroad. However, they have not forgotten the Polish language and keep close ties with friends and relatives in Poland. Moreover, they support Polish living abroad and they sponsor artists and students. They now live in Paris in a luxurious apartment, adorned with artworks by many Polish artists.

Mr Huberto D’Ornano confesses: ”Cosmetics are our family tradition. My father Guillaume d’Ornano left his diplomatic career and decided to run a business. By a stroke of good luck he et the famous perfume maker Francois Coty and in 1935 they opened the LANCOME cosmetic company together. Later me and my brother established the brand of ORLANE in 1954. When my brother went into politics I sold ORLANE. I set up SISLEY in 1976 as a different cosmetic brand with beauty products based on plant extracts. The company was in profit already in its fifth year”

Mrs Izabella D’Ornano adds: ”Our family controls the entire business… I think of myself as a Pole, despite the fact that I lived abroad most of my life. I have fondness for my native country and I am very much attached to it”.

from Look & Life magazine