Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie premiers in the U.S. THE MASTERY OF TIME


Magnetic Dial for Latitude Mounted on a Compass C.18th Century (photo Dominique Cohas) FHH

At a special event in New York in early May, fine watch specialist and journalist Nick Foulkes will present the book alongside its author, Dominique Fléchon, historian and expert with the FHH.

The Mastery of Time, a history of timekeeping, from the sundial to the wristwatch: discoveries, inventions, and advances in master watchmaking promotes the culture of timekeeping in all its forms.  It bridges a fifty-year gap in publications on the subject, and traces each step in the conquest of time, from the gnomon to the atomic clock, drawing parallels with mankind’s most important discoveries. This authoritative reference work is written to appeal to readers from casual to expert levels of interest.

The Mastery of Time book traces the history of time measurement from the origins of Man to the present day. More than just a chronological narrative, it looks at why these instruments of time measurement developed, from solar and water-driven to mechanical and electrical, and the context that sparked each new invention.

In six chapters, this fabulous history of time measurement brings Man’s ingenuity to the fore as it takes the reader from the gnomon to the most aesthetically and technically accomplished wristwatch.

The Mastery of Time is available from Rizzoli