First Luggage, the story behind an entrepreneurial success

Set up in 2004 and based in the U.K., First Luggage is an innovative premium service provider, shipping luggage door to door.  First Luggage partners with FedEx and DHL boasting an in-depth understanding of both the courier industry and the technology relating to it enabling the company to offer a guaranteed service to customers. First Luggage will credit any client whose luggage arrives later than the agreed date – excepting in the unlikely event of an unforeseen delay by Customs.

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed, exclusively, Gideon Kasfiner, Founder & CEO of First Luggage.

How did you come up with the idea of setting up a door-to-door luggage delivery?

The idea was born post 9/11 and the thinking was the security issues at Airports, the track record of airlines loosing and misrouting luggage. Can this be a commercial enterprise!!

Which are the consumer you are targeting? Could your service be considered premium?

Our service started off premium in First Luggage at least that’s what I thought. Subsequently due to various issues being health (bad backs), sporting holidays,grey market, excess baggage fees, family holidays – we found that we have an extremely wide demographic using our service. Other brands have been introduced in the past couple of months including Luggage Delivery Company which operates only in Europe, a slower service and cheaper, catering more to the mass marketplace and Student Luggage Delivery Company catering to students worldwide travelling to and from their Universities and storage facilities in the UK.

Do you offer membership or packages? How do you maintain the loyalty of your guests?

We like to think that we maintain loyalty due to a high level of service our repeat business is high.

 How do you promote your services? 

Our services are promoted via PR, Social Media, Affiliate Partnerships, Word of Mouth

Do you consider partnering with other premium services suppliers? i.e. hotels

We do partner with various service suppliers such as Airlines, Hotels, Travel Companies, Golf Clubs, Ski Chalets, Concierge Companies, Private Jet Companies, Cruise Companies amongst others.

Is there an opportunity for luxury shopping in terms of door-to-door delivery? In the case of luxury products, would you consider special packaging?

We can effect special packaging it just depends geographically where it needs to be done and the nature of the product.

How do you see your business in the mid-term? Is there a risk for other entrepreneurs to replicate your business concept?

I am sure other entrepreneurs will follow our path. It’s an enormous potential marketplace, there are 6 billion pieces of luggage moved annually by airlines etc…

Which are the markets you currently operate in and how do you plan your expansion?

We operate in most countries with a few exceptions where the constraints are mainly Customs requirements. The aim of our operation is to be as seamless as possible. Where we cannot achieve this we usually don’t offer services in those countries by First Luggage.

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