Ferrari announces its strongest ever first quarter

Ferrari shipments globally in the first three months of the year have increased by 15 percent compared to January-March of 2015, from 1,635 to 1,882 units.

The best region for the Italian manufacturer was EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), where 950 vehicles found new owners, up 24 percent over the previous period, when 765 examples were sold. In the Americas, Ferrarihas delivered a total of 523 exotics, up 2 percent from 515 units, China was responsible for buying 156 supercars, up 16 percent from 134 examples and in the rest of APAC (Japan, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea), 253 vehicles have been sold, up 14 percent.

Ferrari’s V8-powered models have witnessed a 21 percent increase in sales, while shipments of V12 equipped models were down 6 percent due to “the phase out of the FF, the completion of the lifecycle of the F12berlinettaand LaFerrari finishing its limited series run”, as the automaker explains. Net revenues for the first three months of 2016 have increased from €621 million ($713 million) to €675 million ($775 million) and the automaker has posted a net profit of €78 million ($89 million), up 19 percent from the previous €65 million ($74 million).

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