Ferragamo consider opening hotel in Dubai

Continentale Hotel, Florence – Lungarno Hotels by Ferragamo

Italian luxury fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo launched in its hometown of Florence, in 1995, its series of LUNGARNO branded design hotels. Since 1995, Lungarno Hotels has expanded to Rome and a winery resort in Tuscany. The small chain bears the name of Lungarno, the classic style hotel which is also considered the group’s flagship hotel.

“We are not in real plans now but we are looking for some locations… We are open to expanding,” Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo, vice president of the fashion brand’s holding company and the second of founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s six children, said in an interview in Dubai.

“What we have done in hotels up until now it is very much like small boutique hotels. I think in a place like [Dubai] you really need to do something on a larger, wider base. But we are looking to some possibilities,” Ferragamo added.