FENDI partners with Galleria Borghese in Rome

Italian luxury house Fendi has signed a three-year partnership with the world renowned Roman museum Galleria Borghese. Fendi, together with the museum, announced the creation of the Caravaggio Research Institute, a project from which a research center and digital platform will be created that will collect all the material on the sixteenth-century painter.

Fendi, which is owned by  LVMH, will see the exhibition program travel around the world, starting in Los Angeles this November at the Getty Museum, followed by exhibitions in Asia and ultimately Europe.

The three-year commitment will see a planned investment of approximately 1.2 million euros.

This is not the first time that the brand is linked to the arts. Fendi, amongst its many initiatives, has previously invested in the restoration of the Trevi Fountain, the palace of Roman Civilization, and also renovated Largo Goldoni.

Galleria Borghese partners with FENDI