FENDI celebrate re-launch of men’s line with major event in Rio de Janeiro and open Sao Paolo office

Italian luxury house of FENDI, owned by LVMH Group, has had an exceptional 2011, expecting to close with 25% increase in its turnover, which reached a value of over 600 million euros in 2010. Ealier this year, the house of Fendi confirmed the re-launch of the men’s line .

To celebrate the re-launch of the men’s line, Fendi will be officially included in the upcoming Milan Fashion Week calendar in January 2012, with a catwalk show and a special presentation. For 2012, FENDI’s plans include opening in July, Fendi’s directly operated flagship store in Sao Paolo and organizing a major event in Rio de Janeiro in November . At the same time, Fendi will set up a regional Latin American office in Sao Paolo to boost distribution in the entire region.

Following the exceptional performance in the past three years and growth in all territories, including a 30% in the US this year, Fendi is considering region by region the possibility of operating directly, much like its ”sister” brand Louis Vuitton. In this respect, in 2012, we might also see the first directly operated store in Ukraine.

In 2012, Fendi will continue its strategic positioning with art collaborations. In 2011, over 110 events have been organized in Fendi stores, collaborations with the most diverse artists. The Fendi travelling art installation exhibition will continue in 2012 and the series of events will kick off with a major event in May, to be organized in a Mediterranean town, according to the company’s CEO, an ideal location which reflects ”east meets west”.