FDA acuses L’Oreal and Lancome of misleading claims in advertising anti-aging products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent a letter to French cosmetics giant L’Oreal in regard to the advertisement being used its Lancome products. The US regulators have alleged the company for using misleading claims in regard to Lancome products, which consists of anti-aging products.

The FDA condemns Lancome’s advertising for its cosmetic anti-aging products which it claims are able to modify the functions or structure of the human body in a similar way that a medical drug could do (according to U.S. legislation). The Lancome product, which claims of doing so, is the Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. FDA cites among others a sentence stating that the product “stimulates the activity of genes and production of youth proteins.”. Another Lancome product, which is citied is the Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream. Lancome claims that the cream can increase the production of genes.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

The FDA has not taken any formal action against L’Oreal, the owner of the Lancome brand and has given the company 15 days to correct the misleading claims. Failure to make the requested corrections, would result, the FDA says in its letter, in legal action against the manufacturers and distributors as well as the withdrawal from the U.S. market of the illegal products.