Facebook efficiency as a sales tool questioned

Only one in five internet users have already purchased following an advertisement or a comment posted on Facebook. The survey commissioned by Ipsos and Reuters, conducted from May 31 to June 4 included 1032 users, points to the difficult commercial use of the 900 million users.

This publication is closely following the disappointing IPO of Facebook last month. Within days, Facebook stocks have lost 30% in value, decreasing the valuation of the company at $ 74 billion, down $ 30 billion.

Facebook has responded to the publication of this study,

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highlighting the successes advertising on its portal, including that of Nutella which boosted its sales by 15%. However, a few weeks ago, General Motors had for its part announced its intention to stop paying advertising network.

Another ominous sign for Facebook based on fatigue and the end of the factor of novelty brought by the portal. Within six months, no less than 34% of consumers have reduced the duration of their visits to the social network.  The study stands in the way the profile of current users of the network. The most regular visitors are 18 and 34 years, 60% daily log. The over 55s are in turn 29% to visit their account every day. As for respondents with no account, they would now be 21%.