Donna Karan no longer Chief Designer and main line suspended

Donna Karan, the 66-year-old founder and chief designer of Donna Karan International announced on Tuesday that she was leaving the helm of her namesake brand. Ms. Karan will remain as an adviser to Donna Karan International, but devote more time to her Urban Zen line, which centers on wellness and artisanal goods, and its foundation.

LVMH Group which fully owns Donna Karan International said there were no immediate plans to replace her as a designer, and the main Donna Karan collection would be suspended. It will not hold a show at New York Fashion Week in September. The company will “substantially increase its focus on the DKNY brand,” the company’s more accessible line, which currently acccounts for 80 percent of Donna Karan International revenue.

In April, LVMH appointed the hot young designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow of the haute streetwear brand Public School the creative directors of DKNY.

Donna Karan on the DKNY Spring 2015 catwalk