Donatella Versace slams celebrity fashion labels

In an interview to Reuters this week, designer and co-owner of VERSACE Group, Donatella Versace slashed out against some of its former celebrity endorsers and brand ambassador who have been launching their own fashion labels.

”Pop stars can design snappy collections for their fans but global fashion brands need more than a touch of glamour to stay on top”. The example of pop stars Madonna, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham gaining designer status has prompted other singers such as Taylor Swift to venture into the fashion business that design houses such as Versace have defined for decades.

"I think it is more a question of marketing. Some of these collections are for cheaper, mass market fashion. I don’t think that creativity is there," the platinum blond Versace said on the sidelines of her company’s 2011 home collection launch.

The softly spoken Versace, who took over as creative director after her brother Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997, is known for having singer Sting, Elton John and Jennifer Lopez among her close friends. She said she was not afraid of competition from celebrities. "Music stars wear Versace," she said.