Dolce&Gabbana expands Milan menswear store and opens Sartoria

The new space, which is housed in the same 16th century neoclassical palazzo, which has been home to the men’s flagship store, is the result of a meticulous restoration project of all the remaining rooms.

Celebrating male vanity, the rooms are the ideal place where the modern man can satisfy all his desires in terms of style. The floors are an alternation of five different types of marble with parquet floors in typical 19th century fashion.

Various design pieces chosen for their uniqueness decorate the rooms. A one-of-a-kind bookcase designed byGio’ Ponti for a luxurious hotel in Saint Tropez, a table by Ignazio Gardella, and chairs by Gio’ Ponti for Reguitti adorn the room at the entrance. A masterpiece by Ercole Barovier illuminates the space. In the adjacent room is a unique piece: a majestic Palmengarten chandelier with 140 light bulbs arranged in a radial pattern reminiscent of the palms in the outdoor garden.

Other rooms have works by Gio’ Ponti: some were designed for Nino Zoncada and installed on luxury cruise liners, such as the recessed ceiling fixtures that sailed the seas before landing in Milan. Several are from the Augustus cruise ship, while others come from the Conte Biancamano transatlantic ocean liner.

Dolce&Gabbana Made To Measure (Sartoria) at store in Milan on Corso Venezia