DOLCE GABBANA steal the limelight at Milan fashion week

This edition of Milan fashion week has a special significance for Italian fashion power duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who celebrate 2 decades of men’s wear. Apart from the regular catwalk show presented during this weekend, the company inaugurates a special exhibition in Milan’s Palazzo Marino to mark the special occasion. The exhibit is a multimedia presentation which reflects not only Dolce Gabbana’s 20 years of menswear design but also illustrates the vision of the designers for the future.

In a rare interview to Italian daily Corriere de la Sera, the two designers have accepted to speak about how their split up as a couple in private life has impacted the evolution of their company. While admitting to the hardship and suffering of their split in private life after more than 15 years, the duo attribute the continued success of their business to the way they have always regarded their company as their baby. ”While other work to succeed in life to provide a future for their families and children, we raised our company as our baby”. Today, the designers seem to have come to terms with their split in private life, although Stefano Gabbana says he is still single while Domenico Dolce is in a ”comfortable relationship” as he himself says. In the interview they also speak about the huge influence David Beckham has had on their creative strategy, which has always been about making men love fashion and pay attention to the way they dress.

In their relatively short history, the Dolce Gabbana brand has always been about the endorsement of top celebrities. The inauguration of the 20 year restrospective was no short of celebrities, the event having been attended by Monica Bellucci, Juliette Binoche, Morgan Freeman etc.

However, depite the celebratory mood, the event comes amid continued tough times for the Dolce Gabbana company which has not weathered too well the current financial crisis with constantly falling results from the debut of the crisis. Hopefully, the relatively low impact of the latest campaign of the brand featuring their long time friend Madonna, after just months of her Louis Vuitton campaign, will provide the much needed wake up call for a change in the creative direction of the brand to be less celebrity driven and more anchored into quality and craftsmanship, two of the key features of those luxury brands which have been least affected by the crisis.

Oliver Petcu