Does Poland have its own luxury brands?

CPP-LUXURY.COM is dedicating an entire issue to Poland this month, with several analysis, review and interview articles. In a quest to identify Poland’s own luxury brands, CPP-LUXURY.COM has spoken to several luxury industry insiders in Poland.

Tomasz SIKORA (Phd) from Warsaw School of Economics says:

Poland is a producer of luxury yachts (the size of this industry is comparable to those of Finland), although in this case we should consider these products as luxury goods, because their producers have not developed strong brands yet.


There are equivalents of haute couture, with a dozen of couturiers like Maciej Zień, Dawid Wolinski, Gosia Baczynska, etc. Distributors of imported watches and jewelry, Apart and Kruk, have also made their collections of luxury jewels.


There are also “confidential” luxury firms, selling hand-made bespoke products, like a shoemaker Kielman in Warsaw or a producer of men’s suits Twins in WrocÅ‚aw.


There are some brands at the frontier between luxury and upscale brands: Wittchen and Batycki for leather goods, Simple and Monnari for clothes. Of course, there is a lot of luxury brands in the hotels and restaurants category.

Aleksandra Ruczyńska, Vice President Nobilito Association (Stowarzyszenia Nobilito)

As for the luxury goods made in Poland I would mention fashion, luxury boats and spirits (vodka) as the most developed. For many years Polish companies have been producing garments for the luxury fashion houses in Europe and U.S. There are up to ten well established  Polish fashion designer brands and there are several emerging  ones who offer haute couture to both domestic and international clients.  Warsaw has been naturally regarded as the capital of the fashion scene in Poland. However, there is also PoznaÅ„ and Łódź, that have recently gained their importance due to commencement of fashion industry events, which were organized several times there.

Boating industry is well established, in fact according to KPMG Poland is the second biggest manufacturer in Europe with more than 900 sailing-related companies which 95 % of their production is exported. Leading companies, covering 60% of the total production, comprises of DELPHIA YACHTS, GALEON, OSTRODA YACHT.

One of the product Poland is best known for is probably vodka. Luxury vodkas “made in Poland” are also making their mark in the Spirits sector with several owned by a global corporation today and others still keeping their independence.

Ms RuczyÅ„ska’s selection of Polish luxury brands include:

Cosmetics: Frydge by Yde, Visoanska,

Home Collections: Zien Home

Fashion:  Hector Karger, Bohoboco, Buczynski Tailoring, Gosia Baczynska, Twins

Cars: Tiger Cars, Leopard Automobile