Do we need Romanian press dedicated to luxury?

In 2008, we made a survey regarding press specialised on luxury. Those involved in the survey are our clients: executives in the local and international luxury industry, entrepreneurs and investors interested in the luxury industry. Most of them could name the publications and the most mentioned ones were LUXURY, CAESAR and GRAND’OR. However, when trying to find out whether they actually read at least a copy of these magazines, only 10 percent have mentioned an article or section that they read thoroughly. The rest 90 percent told us that they only browse through the magazines, paying attention only to titles, pictures and at the most to the personality on the front cover. Asked if they noticed differences between magazines, none of our speakers could name one.
Before drawing any conclusions, CPP bought several publications, including fresh HIGH LIFE and HIDEAWAYS. In almost 100% of all cases we could see the same concept: news, brand profiles, personality profiles, analysis material from the international press and 5 to 10 percent relevant content on the local market.
Is this the recipe for guaranteed success? We tried not to follow this “strategy”, especially after watching the reactions of the readers and of the executives from the luxury industry. Should you follow a certain magazine on a month-by-month basis, you will notice that advertising pages are always different, and contain different brands. This is due to the fact that many brands are only testing the effects of advertising in that particular magazine or even that the magazine’s sales manager was able to barter.
There is also Esquire, GQ, Harpers Bazar, magazines that at an international level are positioned as premium to luxury. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it looks like Sanoma and Liberis (the publishers from Romania) are not so flexible in their sale strategy.
Do we need press dedicated to luxury? Of course! Any mature or emerging market has such publications. However, the only way to make it and succeed on the Romanian market is to reposition themselves from the editorial point of view. Readers are interested in market analysis, product comparison, opinions regarding the brands on the Romanian market and in no way in company or brands profiles that are copied from the websites of the international brands. Another strategy for attracting the advertisers in Romania could be a more flexible sales strategy that includes promotion packages (advertising + events + competitions + sampling)