Dior expands to Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Bangkok and Hong Kong

Christian Dior Couture is pursuing its international retail network with several new openings – the first Dior directly operated flagship store in Brazil in Sao Paulo at the Citade Jardim Mall, due to open February 22; and second Dior mono-brand stores in Jakarta (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Hanoi (Vietnam) – all directly operated. By summer, Christian Dior is enlarging and refurbishing its three mono-brand stores in Hong Kong, with Taipei and Macau line up too. The new openings follow the recent flagship store opening in Sydney, the first flagship store in Australia.

Dior will also pursue this year the expansion of its Dior Homme, men’s only stores – the most notable openings in 2012 having been New York, Miami and San Francisco.

Christian Dior, Avenue Montaigne flagship maison