DIESEL’s new pop-up in New York mocks counterfeiting

DIESEL‘s new store in New York is not just any pop-up store. Guised as an inconspicuous  knock-off outlet, the store in Tribeca, the pop-up stocks goods adorned with a logo that’s intentionally spelled Deisel instead of Diesel. the somewhat dodgy looking retail space stocks a limited edition denim collection, tees, sweatshirts and a range of accessories, all legit Diesel merchandise, but branded Deisel for the occasion.

And compatible with the retail concept, prices are much more moderate than at official Diesel boutiques, ranging from US$ 10 to 200. the collection playfully nods to the global logo obsession and counterfeit trade that comes with it, and although the pop-up is a cleverly concepted stunt, the goods will drop in regular Diesel stores across the planet after it closes on Feb 13.