D&G’s new classy image reflected in the new flagship store in Milan

DOLCE GABBANA have unveiled this week the new store of the D&G line, on Corso Venezia in Milan, following a renovation estimated at EUR 5.8 million. Domenico Dolce says the new space is ”simple and versatile, warm and luxurious, without being intimidating”. The bright walls have been replaced with a mix of warm natural colors and dull or shiny metals. Other design elements include grey soft carpets, ivory leathered seats and mirrored surfaces.

Since Dolce Gabbana took control of production of the D&G line inhouse from Ittierre the brand registered a 7% yearly growth rate and the estimates for 2009 are in line with last year’s performances. Since the company took over the D&G line, the design of the collections has become more classy and higher quality materials are used. The logo has also been changing, scrapping Dolce Gabbana from the bottom, thus remaining the two letters.

D&G stores with the new concept will open in the first 6 months of 2010 in Baku, Budapest, Paris and Moscow.