D&G launches online store

June 23rd 2009. DOLCE GABBANA launches its official online store for the D&G line. The new virtual store brings a number of novelties, most important being its integration into FACEBOOK and TWITTER, with customers being able to share directly comments on any item on sale. The web site also comes with exceptional tech tools, such as a revolutionary zoom system to view products in greatest details. This week, Dolce Gabbana also announced cutting prices by 10 to 20% across all their product range for both lines (DG and the main line).
The launch comes amid heavy turbulences at the Italian independent group, due to current crisis but also distribution and fiscal issues. Dolce Gabbana took control of itS D&G line last year, ending licence agreement with ITTIERRE, which still produces under licence GF FERRE, JUST CAVALLI, MALO and VERSACE (JEANS COUTURE and VERSUS).