Despite the challenging economic environment, private jet travel presents numerous opportunities

Private jet

One of the automatic assumptions made by both media and luxury industry professionals that the premium sector of the airline business is doomed for a gloomy future. While commercial scheduled airlines fly with empty seats in their business class sections, some private jet brokers and operators are taking advatage of this opportunity. Business men and wealthy private individuals still travel and they still need to get as fast as possible to their destinations. What has then changed ? Customers of premium air travel have become more discerning and demanding. Thefore, those brokers which manage to provide a higher customer service and most flexible pricing options will emerge as winners from the current crisis.

One such broker is JET UNLIMITED, a Dutch based private jet broker which has recently spread its international reach by adding Geneva and Bucharest as main ”hubs” to serve the growing potential of Central as well as Eastern Europe. The key to their success? – 24 hour availability, dedicated sales consultants, a wide offer of planes and a complex array of ground services such as hotel accommodation and aiport transfers. Flexibility also means the most competitive pricing for all services and this has been made possible by a series of strategic partenerships with operators, hotels, travel agents. One of the recent such partenership is with Accor Hotels, which includes the Sofitel and Novotel chain of hotels. Another important strategic business area is marketing, successful private jet brokers coming closer to their target base. This is done through partnerships as well as niche events which gather both direct customers and potential partners and referals. One such event is CPP’s BUSINESS of LUXURY FORUM, the yearly luxury industry event in Central and Eastern Europe. The 2010 edition will take place in Bucharest on March 16th, followed by a second edition in Warsaw, Poland in November 2010.