De Beers opens ‘Moments in Light’ exhibition in Shanghai

Luxury jeweller De Beers opened earlier this week the ‘Moments in Light’ exhibition in Shanghai’s historic Sinan Mansions complex. Curated by Liu Chenfeng the Moments in Light runs until 23 June. De Beers’s exhibition in Shanghai celebrates the works of female artists from China, drawing from diverse disciplines, including new media, photography, sculpture and filmmaking. The featured artists include Peng Wei, Liang Yuanwei, Han Yajuan, Cui Xiuwen and photographer Xiang Jing.

Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu who was the guest of honour of the opening of the De Beers exhibition contributed a short film to the exhibit and posed for photographs at the opening dripping in diamonds and trailed by three burly security guards. “The film illuminates a dreamlike world where joy bursts from the bottom of our hearts, delivering the most brilliant moments in life. Emotive words and promises make moments such as these as eternally beautiful as diamonds,” Zhang said.

adapted from WWD

De Beers ‘Moments in Light’ exhibition, Shanghai