Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel venture with Pestana to expand in the U.S. and Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo has teamed up with his country’s top hotel chain, Pestana, in a joint venture Pestana CR7 that his partner hopes will help open new markets in Asia and reinforce its expansion into Spain and the United States.

The first Pestana CR7 hotels have opened without fanfare in Madeira and Lisbon, generating positive results, said Pestana chief executive Jose Theotonio.

“The joint brand is opening possibilities to us, Pestana, in places where we would have hardly gotten alone,” he told Reuters at Lisbon’s ornate Pestana Palace Hotel, temporary home of pop star Madonna who moved to Portugal in September.

“We have contacts to enter other markets, where the brand CR7 is strong, in Asia, the Middle East,” Theotonio added, citing interest from mainland China, Macau, Dubai and Qatar.

Pestana CR7 Funchal (Cristiano Ronaldo x Pestana)