Creative director of HERMES: ”My designs have nothing to do with fashion”

Cristophe Lemaire, Creative Director of HERMES ready to wear

In less than a year since his appointment as creative director of HERMES, Christophe Lemaire is confident about having instilled his vision on the brand, which he says ”has nothing to do with fashion”, creating apparel pieces which leave room for creativity. He insists that his designs do not want to impose a particular style on any customer, ”being fashionable doesn’t mean you would have to wear a uniform and look like others” adds Lemaire.

Lemaire believes top quality and durability are the essential for luxury clothing especially considering that each one of us is unique and the outfits we wear express who we are and where we come from. He is also a firm believer that in fashion, in order to succees one has to be at the right place, at the right time, regardless of being in the business of fashion or on the creative side.

Born in Besancon, France, Lemaire used to work for Lacoste for the past ten years, where his work has been greatly received, collection after collection succeeding in reviving the Lacoste brand and re-creating a unique positioning for the brand which has culminated with its success in the past half decade. Lacoste is today, at the same time democratic, affordable while being classic and trendy cool at the same time. Worldwide retail of Lacoste has been revamped and a shake up of the distribution chain giving up certain franchises and licenses having the most positive and immediate effect on the company’s financial performance. Lacoste is also accreddited for re-inveting in 2011 the mix and match trend of the early 2000, with an advertising campaign in Vogue and VanityFair international editions, featuring generic Lacoste products being worn with luxury pieces, but in a subtle way.

”I live a normal life, spending as much time as possible with my 19 year old son. We go to movies and do all the normal stuff, despite my heavy work schedule.” says Lemaire in a recent interview to Italian media. To summarize his vision of Hermes, he insists on ”being down to earth” which translates in Hermes customers often taking the subway and not necessarily riding in the most expensive limousines.