Couturier Olivier Lapidus signs the interior design of Le Félicien Hotel in Paris

Haute couture designer Olivier Lapidus has recently completed the interior design of the newly opened luxury boutique hotel Le Félicien in Paris’s 16th district. The 34 room luxury boutique hotel by Elegancia features a wealth of ‘couture’  details, many in sharp contrast – sleek marble floors with opague Krion furnishings, bright lights in the lobby and diffused lights in rooms.

The ground floor plant boasts patterned marble with walls adorned by personal sketches of designer. In the rooms, the universe Black Floor, Flannel Floor, Ruby Floor Couture Floor, Pearl Floor and Sky Floor complement , from darker on the ground floor to the brightest on the Sky Floor .

Each room is made with the same attention to finishing , like Swarovski crystal buttons on cabinet doors , curtains sewn strips of fiber or carpet with pearl motifs. In the basement , the massage room is equipped with a ceiling covered with fiber optic oscillating sequences every 30 minutes , and on the roof, there is an outdoor Jacuzzi on the terrace. Elegancia’s Le Félicien Hotel also features a swimming pool, hammam, sauna and a gym.