COCOR is slowly but surely moving away from the luxury concept

Just like we predicted last year, the luxury concept designed by CEO Dan Barbulescu was impossible to be put into practice. It is surprising (or not) that this luxury concept strategy has been handled to the same company that previously used to rent spaces in mass market malls in the country. It is also very surprising how the team over at NCH Advisers, shareholders through Broadhurst, have engineered this plan for a commercial centre with great potential.
In 2008, Cocor officials insisted that Gucci, Chanel and Versace will open monobrand stores in Cocor. However, they seem to have rolled back to their only option, namely mid level brands. In the most recent edition of Money Express, officials that handle spaces for rent in Cocor announced that ZARA, MASSIMO DUTTI, LACOSTE and MARCO POLO are closest to the luxury we will see in Cocor.
Well, Cellini stores are everywhere in Bucharest, anyway.