COACH unlikely to pose any threat for VUITTON in Europe

With a turnover of USD 3,4 billion, American based COACH is the leader of leather goods in its home market and second in Japan. Coach has been making significant advances in China and South Korea too. Yet, in most parts of the world where it is present, the brand remains known as ”affordable luxury”.

Despite the comparison in sales volumes, COACH is hardly a direct competitor for world’s leader LOUIS VUITTON, especially considering its products are mostly made in Asia and are sold at a third of the price of Vuitton.

Compared with Asia where Coach has built a brand awareness in a relatively short time, it will be impossible to replicate this awareness in Europe, where the brand is practically unknown, with or without the ”competition” of Vuitton. The American company recently opened a second shop within the Parisian Printemps department store, other 14 being agreed within the Printemps chain in the next two years.