Cinémoi TV, the up and coming European luxury lifestyle channel

Cinemoi Tv

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently had the privilige to interview exclusively, Oliver Bengough, Founder and CEO of Cinémoi TV, the up and coming luxury lifestyle channel in Europe.

1. Cinémoi TV is one of the youngest, yet most dynamic movie channels in Europe. What makes Cinémoi TV stand out?

Cinémoi is totally unique as it is the only media platform that celebrates the most creative artists from the world of Film and Fashion, in a truly international way. It’s the only channel to have been endorsed by the biggest names from European and World cinema, including actors Michael Caine, Jane Birkin, Monica Bellucci , Vincent Cassel, Aishwarya Rai, Catherine Deneuve and Leila Bekthi, as well as of the most respected directors in the U.S including Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola.

Now we are producing a new series called Ciné Couture, which is about the dynamic relationship between Fashion and Film. So far Jean Paul Gaultier and Pierre Cardin have already been interviewed and we will continue with Karl Lagerfeld later this month.

This exciting blend of working with some of the most important talent in the world of Film and Fashion continues to make Cinémoi a truly original showcase.

2.  Currently, Cinémoi is available in the UK. When do you plan to expand and to which territories / countries?

Currently we are distributed into 13 million homes in the UK and in Ireland on both Sky Digital and Virgin Media. We are now planning to roll out the channel into the U.S, Europe, Middle East and Asia, over the next 18 months.

3.  Your coverage of Cannes Film Festival this year has been groundbreaking in many ways. Tell us more about why your coverage was so successful and what your instruments of communication were.

We really managed to capture the essence of what Cannes has to offer with our coverage of the major films that were in competition, the glamour of the red carpet, as well as the beautiful L’Oreal ambassadors such as Gong Li and Aishwarya Rai .

What made it electric for the team producing the show was that we had to deliver seven thirty- minute shows, in 12 days. This meant editing around the clock so that the shows could go out globally to 80 different countries. At the same time, the team were ensuring our web shows appeared on multiple global online publications including Hello Magazine, The Times, The New York Post and many more…

4.   Most of your edited coverage content at Cannes was posted on your website the next day. How important was your Iphone and Ipad Application?

We took great pride in being the only channel to create a Cannes Apple and Android application aside from the official version made by the festival .It was also important because it allowed all of our sponsors the ability to target their audience with exclusive content in a way that had never been done before.

5.  Cinémoi TV was present at all the major events in Cannes, and interviewed a majority of top celebrities. What is the secret of being able to reach such an extensive coverage?

The Cinémoi brand itself has gained a respected reputation through its stylish editorial perspective, including the ability to enhance the image and creativity of these artists. Our programming is not just driven by showcasing celebrities; but instead focuses on who they are and what they stand for; what innovative and creative decisions that they are making with their careers. We have also gained the trust of our sponsors and partners, such as L’Oréal, who are now giving us exclusive access to their ambassadors. This in turn helps us to create content that is truly groundbreaking.

6.   How important is the relationship between luxury and cinema? What is Ciné Couture?

I think Luxury and Cinema have always had a strong relationship, which will certainly continue in years to come. The most prestigious luxury brands in the World are associating themselves with established actors such as Natalie Portman (Miss Dior Chérie) as well as the up and coming French model and actor Gaspard Ulliel (with Chanel L’Homme).

Ciné Couture is a new 6 part series we are currently producing, examining the dynamic relationship between Fashion and Film. Ciné Couture will be answering questions such as “Which films have inspired fashion designers to become who they are today”, and “what effect stylization and costume design had on shaping some of the World’s greatest and most popular films?” All of the best known designers, from Tom Ford to Jean Paul Gaultier, from Manolo Blahnik to Karl Lagerfeld, have been involved to some extent in different film projects showcasing their love for both art and film.
Our aim is to show how these designers lose themselves through the creative freedom of film, which allows their imagination to run wild.

7.  Have you planned any special features on your channel in the next months? Will some of this content be available online?

We currently have our App “Cinémoi Cannes” which is free to download. It shows our entire daily content from the festival, which we will continue in Venice later this year…. Our website, Facebook page and YouTube page serve our audience well with daily film clips, photographs and any other content we produce.

8.   Do you plan to introduce live broadcasts over the Internet? Will your channel be available for viewing online?

We are currently looking at building our own V.O.D platform. This will allow us to distribute Cinémoi through all mobile devices, tablets, smart phone applications and IPTV platforms around the globe.

9. Which future film festivals will you cover? Do you plan to be a Media partner?

This year we are already making plans to cover the Venice Film Festival in September. Our next aim would be to cover The Doha and Toronto film festivals as well.