Christian Lacroix, life after the maison of CHRISTIAN LACROIX

One of the most iconic French Haute Couture designers of the past half century, Christian Lacroix has re-invented himself and is leading a new life after his company went bankrupt. ”After the shock of when my fashion company closed, I was terrified by inactivity and I accepted tons of new jobs” Christian Lacroix tells Le Figaro this week. ”I have always looked up to my father’s hyperactivity and his full schedule and envied him for that”.

In a interview earlier this year to French media, Lacroix spoke about the most painful experience after the closing of his company and that was the way his former employees had to struggle to move on. ”They were my family…”

”It could be that fashion and luxury were an accident in my life or a sort of a long detour. Everyday reality has become part of my being nowadays”. The brutal end to his work in fashion has made him reflect on his mission and passions in life, reflecting on how he has always been fascinated by costumes. He speaks about his love to create costumes inspired by everyday life, almost like folklore.

Although his is proud of being French, he insists his work rarely reflected only French life and culture, being always a huge fan of mixes. One of his most famous fashion creations is the unique patch work, whereby he sew together various materials of different textures to create the textile for his collections. ”

”I want to be remember for my work in theatre and opera”, he says. He has had numerous projects recently, including a major one at Munich State Opera. Lacroix shares his passion for the stage, explaining he never wants to see the opera or the theatre play, before the director shares the artistic vision with him. His recent works include: ”Candine” by Bernstein will be presented at the State Opera in Berlin this June; ”La Source” Ballet by Jean Guillaume Bart at the Paris Opera, starting in September this year. This month, he will present at Salone dei Mobili in Milan a collection of furniture he designed for Sicis.